His friends called him Jay

A mover's joke:

Mover: Where's the apartment?

Man: It's up on the second floor.

Mover: It always is...

A parking ticket citation: "This car been seat there to long."

A headline I saw: If you read one article on Obamacare today, make it this one.

A classified ad: BBW seeks more.

Russian joke from the Soviet period:

[Regarding a man lying in the middle of the street.]

Comrade: His lethargic display of apathy and lack of industry is shameful!

Comrade: It is a legitimate response to the harsh and inconsequential nature of being. I celebrate his tenacity!

An observation: The weather is not news.

A suspicion: They play horseshoes for money in the park.


Logion 72 from the Gospel of Thomas, Lambdin translation:

A man said to Jesus: "Tell my brothers that they have to divide my father’s possessions with me."

Jesus said to him: "Oh man, who has made me a divider?"

Jesus turned to his disciples and said to them: "I am not a divider, am I?"

Something you notice: Your workplace has the same faucets as your childhood home.

What's more: Parking garages are laid out like a double helix, with pathways in the middle of each level to cross to the other branch.

Neither here nor there: Water tastes better thru a black straw.