Marshall Mallicoat

Minimalist Websites


I like hand-made personal websites, especially those with a minimalist bent, so I've collected some here.

Show Me the Sites

Shared hosting sites and are styled like a terminal window. (Here's a list of some more.)

Legible News is a news site populated from Wikipedia's Current Events portal. (It is built by Colton Hurst, who has a fairly minimalist site, too.)

The text-only version of NPR is pretty neat.

The personal website of Dom Hofmann, a co-founder of Vine, has no CSS.

Raw file directory exposed by web server?!

There is a certain style of blog where the page is dominated by a simple list of articles, which seems to have been informed by the general style of static site generators. Here are some: Trever Elkins, Hugo Landau, Dan Luu, Marc Bevand

Idiosyncratic and minimal:

More full-featured, but hand-made feel: US branch of the Carthusian Order, poet Erik Kennedy, poet Stephanie Kwak

Low Tech Magazine has a solar-powered site.

Portfolios: Audun Mortensen, David Fishkind